5. Offshore Symposium Rostock

by Volker H. Seibert

The ISC Training & Assembly GmbH organizes the 5th Offshore Symposium in Rostock from 19.02. to 20.02.2019. Over the last 5 years, the Rostock Offshore Symposium has established itself as a specialist congress for the wind industry with a focus on occupational health and safety, personnel and training. The focus in the coming year 2019 will be on the new modules of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), team development and suitability tests. The event will be accompanied by several side events and a panel discussion with politicians and business leaders. Interested parties can register now at www.offshore-symposium.de.

The ISC Training & Assembly is one of the leading GWO-certified training providers for on- and offshore trainings in Germany. At the Rostock location, approx. 11,000 participants are trained and qualified in a wide variety of areas every year. An overview of the maritime and offshore training can be found at www.star-rostock.com.

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