6th Offshore Symposium 2020

by Volker H. Seibert

ISC Training & Assembly GmbH organizes the 6th Offshore Symposium in Rostock from 25.02. to 26.02.2020. Over the last 6 years the Rostock Offshore Symposium has established itself as a specialist congress of the wind industry with a focus on occupational health and safety, personnel and training. The event is accompanied by several side events as well as a panel discussion with politics and economy. Interested parties can register now at www.offshore-symposium.de.

As a rule, occupational accidents today have more behavioural causes than technical ones. Behavior-based safety is a key element in the prevention of accidents. Occupational health and safety should be lived by all those involved. Therefore, risk assessments and emergency concepts are essential for every workplace. A great deal of expertise and many years of practical experience are required to develop them. Only in this way can documents be realistically created and further developed. The symposium offers an exchange platform between employees, employers and the various state and BG supervisory authorities. The practical information can be put into practice by the participants.

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