New German translations

by Volker H. Seibert

New German translations of current GWO documents are now available in the download area. The document  "GWO Criteria for Training Providers" in version 8.0 and the document "GWO Criteria for the Certification Body" in version 6.0 have been translated. The two versions were already published by GWO in April and will have to be implemented by the certification bodies and training providers as of October 1, 2019.

The requirements for certification bodies and auditors as well as their documentation obligations have been further specified and made more explicit in the new version. The same applies to the calculation of the minimum audit duration required. For the training providers, new periods now apply in the qualification process of the trainers and for the reporting of accidents. The detailed changes compared to the previous version are listed in the change list of the respective original document.

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