New GWO Modul "Enhanced First Aid" published

by Volker H. Seibert

On 01 October 2018 the new GWO module "Enhanced First Aid" (EFA) was published. The Enhanced First Training combines elements of the GWO First Aid and Enhanced First Aid Training. Appropriately qualified technicians are able to stabilise an injured or seriously ill person at remote work locations and enable him or her to be transferred to a hospital.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • To take the lead in providing basic first aid
  • Implement contingency management plans
  • Provide immediate life-saving first aid in case of emergency
  • Use telemedical counseling
  • To prepare a concise and relevant report on the person's condition.

The module is largely compatible with the recommendation of the DGUV (Deutsche gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) for first aid in offshore wind farms. This gives certified training providers the opportunity to issue an additional certificate for the first aider offshore.

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