Spectacular rescue manoeuvre

by Volker H. Seibert

As part of this year's 5th Offshore Symposium, a spectacular rescue manoeuvre took place in Rostock on the Warnow. The evacuation of a seriously ill patient from the DGzRS rescue cruiser "Arkona" into the helicopter of Northern HeliCopter GmbH was practiced. It is important for all participants to check the perfect interaction of the individual rescue forces and the effectiveness of the emergency procedures.

Due to the increasing number of offshore wind turbines and the associated maintenance requirements, the number of people working on site is also growing. Despite the greatest possible caution and the progressive development of technical possibilities, the number of people working offshore also increases the probability of a possible accident or the need to consult a doctor due to illness. For these reasons such rescue manoeuvre are an excellent test run for real use. For the many visitors to the Offshore Symposium, the manoeuvre directly in front of the venue gave a good impression of the efficiency of the rescue forces.

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