GWO Training and certification criteria updated

by Volker H. Seibert

Both the criteria for training providers and the certification bodies were updated on 1 October 2018 and contain a number of new requirements that give greater priority to risk management in training and to the transparency and quality of audits. The new versions will take full effect on 1 April 2019.

The most important changes to the GWO criteria for certification bodies:

  • From 2019 onwards, GWO Auditor will organise workshops to provide certification bodies and auditors with an additional tool to meet GWO requirements
  • The participation of the certification bodies in the workshops will be published on the GWO website
  • Possibility for audit based on ISO 17065 (service providers) and/or 17021 (management systems)

The most important changes to the GWO criteria for training providers:

  • Training providers must report incidents to the GWO if they have the potential to cause death or serious injury
  • Training areas must be completely free of distractions
  • Participants must be well rested and show no signs of fatigue

Further information on the GWO standards can be found at

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